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Via Lido is a gorgeous multi-level waterfront residence, designed and built in collaboration with custom home builder Sailhouse. Traditional themes accented with modern elements work together to create a design appeal that transcends classic conventions resulting in a refreshing perspective of a Southern Californian luxury coastal home.

Lido Isle - Project Photo – 1.webp


Lido Isle's enduring and contemporary design aesthetic is innately compelling because of the interplay of classical forms and style-forward finishes.

Lido - Project Photo - 1 – 3.webp
Lido Isle - Project Photo – 6.webp
Lido Isle - Project Photo – 7.webp

Dressed in a refreshingly neutral color palate, accented by a collection of stone, wood, and glass surfaces, this juxtaposition of design themes culminates in an energy that is traditional yet updated.

Water Front

Upscale Luxury

3,650 SQFT

Private Residence

Panoramic View

Coastal Contemporary

Lido Isle - Project Photo – 4.webp
Lido Isle - Project Photo – 8.webp

"Their dedicated team of designers not only understands our requirements and timelines but also excels in communication and expediting the design process.

We’ve successfully collaborated on two of our signature homes, and in both instances, the final outcomes have exceeded my expectations."

— Pat P., Founder, Sailhouse

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