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From Every Angle:

A tailored approach from start to finish.

When you choose Bassman Blaine Home for your interior design project, you partner with a team of professionals who are dedicated to your vision:​

  • Guided design process

    • ​Selection of materials, colors, and furnishings matching your aesthetic

    • Layout arrangement of your living space

    • Management and direction of professionals involved

  • Expertise in creating beautiful living spaces

  • Private residences

  • Luxury vacation homes

  • High-end hospitality locations

  • Excited to bring the same excellence to your project

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Strategy & Concept

We are driven by your unique vision, and our joy comes from understanding every detail of YOU - your lifestyle, personality, and dream living space.


Through our Client Questionnaire and heartfelt conversations, we will create an experience that not only exceeds your expectations but fills you with pride.

Creative Exploration &
Design Development

As your designer guides you, a conceptual direction will emerge, revealing new design possibilities that will leave you inspired.


We will deliver refined planning, stunning 2D elevation drawings, and an initial selection of furniture and materials that will make your project shine.

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From specifications and layouts to materials and furniture plans, our meticulous attention to detail paves the way for your concept to blossom.


With your final approval, we're ready to bring your vision to life, because to us, exceeding your expectations is just the beginning.


From start to finish, our dedicated designers champion your vision by collaborating closely with contractors and vendors, leaving no detail untouched.


When faced with adjustments or unexpected hurdles, we approach every aspect with precision, always striving for the optimal solution that best embodies your unique living space. 

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The Reveal

As your soft goods, window treatments, and furnishings find their place, vibrant colors dance in harmony, illuminating your well-appointed living spaces. This is the moment.


You've eagerly anticipated, and we are driven by the joy of delivering a space that not only exudes comfort and luxury but also becomes a haven for you and your loved ones, filling your hearts with pride and inspiration.

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