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Rediscover Home Again, Amy

From first impressions to grand reveals, your home has always inspired us.


As we enter a new year, we're excited to bring joy, pride, and appreciation to your new space again. Our team comprises experts who are passionate about what they do, and we would be thrilled to provide you with our excellent service once more.

A Year of Remarkability

In 2023, Bassman Blaine Home created and delivered beautiful residences for our clients to enjoy. Projects were completed, states were visited, passports were stamped.

Below is a review of this extraordinary adventure with highlights and accomplishments of the past year.

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Number of
Homes Completed


Number of
Pillows Chopped


International Projects Completed


Number of
States Visited


BBHome - Year in Review - Roundtrip Flights Booked - Background 650 x 256 – 2.png

Roundtrip Flights Booked


Cups of Coffee Consumed


Number of High Fives Given


 Times Saying
"I Love it"


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Number of Islands Visited


This Past Year Was Filled With All Kinds of Joy, Pride, and Appreciation

Montage Healdsberg - Project Photo – 1.jpg
Discovery Land Makena - Project Photo – 1.jpg
Makena - Project Photo – 1.jpg
Montage  02-20-23  017.jpg
Montage Kapalua - Project Photo – 1.jpg
Spirit Island-1-min.jpg
Lido Isle - Project Photo – 5.jpg
Spirit Island Whistler - Header Hero – 4.png

Amy, Let's Talk About Your Next Residence

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We look forward to reconnecting with you.

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