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In business as Bassman Blaine since 1984 and beginning with Bassman Blaine Home in 2007, Ken Bassman and Bill Blaine have worked together to build a world-class interior design firm. At the heart of their enterprise is always personal and intimate connection with every client, to elevate every living space, and create an environment that’s unique and authentic. 

Today, Bassman Blaine Home is an international award-winning design firm specializing in design work that reflects the unique tastes, styles and personalities of all our clients. 

We come alongside YOU to achieve your vision, no matter the location, whether a palatial residence, vacation home, new construction, or a luxury resort hotel. 
Here is just a sample of our recent projects.



From boutique hotels to five-star destinations to branded residences, you can experience interior design custom-created for comfort and luxury in keeping with your theme and your brand, incorporating furniture from the top lines.

Luxury Vacation Residences

Experience luxurious and functional interior design for your vacation home. Make it your stylish getaway to relax, regenerate, and build lasting memories with family and friends. You can expect all our designs to meet rental program guidelines. Plus, we offer efficient turn-key design services. We’re here to help you.

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Your home has the power to enhance your mood, warm you with comfort,and surround you with beauty. We are here to help you create this authenticand personal living space.

New Construction

Enjoy a beautiful partnership between your builder, and YOU. With our logical expertise, we seamlesly transform your vision from concept to planning to the function of every detail. What's more, our ability to purchase at bottom wholesale offers you the best value.

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