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Director of Special Projects

After graduating for UC Santa Barbara with a degree in accounting, working at a Big Eight Accounting firm and getting her CPA license, Leslie decided it was time for a career change. She joined her family furniture business and ran a successful retail operation called West Coast Living for over 3 decades. As a co-owner of a multimillion-dollar retail chain, Leslie was involved in all aspects of the business including management, interior design, marketing, advertising, and buying. Leslie brings over 35 years of industry expertise and deep connections within the furniture industry.

Since joining Bassman Blaine in early 2021, Leslie has worn many hats. She is involved in special projects including merchandising and resourcing, interior design, product development and strategic budgeting for projects.

In her free time, Leslie enjoys visiting her children all over the country, spending time with friends, and playing pickleball! 


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